Sunday, January 4, 2015

Disney Day 3- December 24

 We spent our third day at Epcot... which is our favorite park, by the way.  Lily began the day on the balcony writing in her journal.  She wrote to him every day telling him every detail of what happened.
 This was Christmas Eve so she got to open up Nana and Poppa's Christmas Eve present which she loved.
 At Epcot, we got to ride my favorite Epcot ride-  Soarin!  We had so much fun!
 Jordy took his morning nap during our fast passes...
 Then, we headed over to England for a photo shoot because I need some new pictures up in our we had lots of fun sitting around the England area and hanging out together.

 One of my personal favorites....I love that sweet sisterly look!

 This is Lily's favorite- She loves it when he lays on her!

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