Sunday, January 4, 2015

Last Days of Disney

 Lily finally found her last scroll gift in Epcot... her Gold for this year was a mood ring which she found in China.
 We have a few last day traditions before we leave the park.  We save up our change throughout the week, and we leave it for our MouseKeeper.  Usually Lily leaves a note thanking her as well but this year she just made the mouse.
 We take a picture of our last look at the Boardwalk...
 Then, we check out and head to Downtown Disney and Raglan Road.
 Raglan Road is by far our favorite place to eat.  It is completely delicious.  We have tried tons of different things on the menu, and they are all so yummy!  But, normally, we don't make it to dessert.  We decided to eat lightly so we could save some room...
 This Bread and Butter Pudding is the best dessert I have ever had in my LIFE!  Seriously- especially if you don't like things that are too sweet.  It is the perfect combination!
 I caught Jamie giving out some kisses after our meal.
 Then, we begin our last day of shopping... by starting out at the Lego Store.
 We also went to the Toy Store where Lily got to make her own droid.  For a Star Wars fan, this is pretty cool...
 She also chose this way cool bowling set that we have thoroughly enjoyed!  We cannot get enough of this game!  It is probably the best-made bowling set that we have owned.  It was a great purchase!
 Lily making Mickey Ears....
 Lily wanted me to take her picture in our room at the Hilton which is where we stayed for one night in order to make Downtown Disney a little easier.  We haven't left the Disney property to do this before, but it was fun!  We won't do it again though- it is just way better actually staying on property.
 But the room was huge and nice!  We enjoyed doing something a little different!

 So after spending the day shopping, we got up early and headed home the next day.  Our little prince slept for 7 out of 10 hours on our trip home... and he did not cry one time.  Yes, we have another little traveler on our hands!  Thank you God for making the perfect children for us every time!

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