Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Little Helper

We had to take some pictures this Sunday of another beautiful dress that was given to Lily by the O'Malley family. They have really kept her in Sunday dresses this summer, and we love every one of the lovely dresses they have given Lily. So, here we are- early Sunday morning- getting ready to leave for church. You see that Kitty is still clutched in Lily's hand, as always. Do you remember when I was worried that she would never attach to anything? Boy, was I wrong. Kitty must go everywhere with us, and we even had to wash Kitty over the weekend because Lily threw up on her. It was so sad to watch Lily look everywhere for Kitty over and over again when we went to bed. But, luckily, the washing cycle only takes 37 minutes. Plus, Kitty doesn't have to be dried. So, she only had to be distracted for a short period of time before Kitty magically reappeared. Then, and only then, could Lily finally settle in for her night of sleep. It really was quite sweet to see her kiss Kitty and welcome her lost friend back.
Here is the Lily look when she is about done with the picture taking...
But, we always have to take time for some kisses!!

We finally thought to get a picture of my little helper. Lily loves to help with everything. But, I think her favorite thing is helping to take clothes out of the dryer. It is really nice when she just hands me everything. Sure, it takes a lot longer to take care of the clothes, but it is my favorite way to do it! I am not sure what I would do without my little helper now!


lillian08 said...

How cute is Lily with her kitty!!!
Lilli really hasn't developed an attachment to anything. She has a new elephant and a couple of those little "baby's first" dolls that she'll carry around for a while, but half of the time they end up "lonely" in the middle of the kitchen floor for hours on end... Should I be worried??
Miss you,

The Davis Family said...

my mom has gotten mallory into helping with the laundry. Now when she hears me say, I'm going to do some laundry (which ours is in the garage) she follows right behind me saying "help me help me" and boy does she get mad when I don't hand her something to put in the dryer!

lillian08 said...

I've tagged you... Yep! You heard me. Go to my blog and you'll see what I'm talking about!!

Rachelle said...

YOur daughter is beautiful! =) Rachelle
LID 11/13/09