Friday, September 26, 2008

How Faithful He is!!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Suzette!

I have wonderful news! We found a babysitter- or I should say that she found us! On Sunday night, after days of not sleeping, feeling emotionally drained and worn out from making phone calls and talking to everyone we knew about babysitters, I finally surrendered all I had to God. I laid in bed and watched Lily sleep thinking of how thankful I am for our beautiful gift that God has given us. I cried and prayed, which I have done since last Wednesday night. But, this time my prayer was different. It was a desperate prayer. I prayed that God would bring the perfect person for Lily to me. I told Him that I could not take anymore and I knew Jamie could not take anymore. The past 5 days had been stressful and there was no way that I could make it another day without rest. I am an obsessive-compulsive person anyway- and trying to find someone to care for Lily was awful. So, I gave up. I had no idea what we would do, and we had already talked about Jamie quitting his job. So, I knew that we at least had a plan for the worst scenario that could happen. Until then, we had kind people that had stepped in to help.

So, the following day was a field trip at school. It would be Lily's first day with a stranger- Mrs. O'Malley- who is one of the best Moms that I know. I knew she would be well taken care of. I just worried about her. But, everything went well that morning when she left with Mrs. O'Malley. Then, it was time for our field trip. I was not happy about going. I knew anyone could have taken my place, and I had the feeling that Lily just needed me to care for her today. She is my responsibility, and I felt guilty for bringing her into this situation of having to find someone else to care for her so soon. But, I still have a job with 16 wonderful students who I am also responsible for. So, I put on my happy face and did my job.

Of course, seeing my children always makes me happy. I adore my kids this year. They are completely terrific. So, we got to the corn maze and began our day. I was stressed about not knowing where Lily would go the next week, but I prayed and tried to move on remembering my prayer of the night before. While I was standing listening to the adults talk to the students about the workings of a farm, a parent from another class came over to talk to me. It was a lady I had seen a dozen times before. I knew her children, and they were so sweet. She was always so nice. We started talking, and before I knew it and before she knew it- she said that she would love to keep Lily. She said she had been praying for a job just like this, but she wanted me to pray about it, too. Was she serious? I could not believe that this was happening. It happened just as I had asked the previous night. We talked and talked the remainder of the morning.

Later, Aunt Trina- who teaches with me- commented that she knew she was watching God at work as the conversation unfolded in front of her that day. A couple of days later, we went to meet with Cindy and her husband. We sat in their home, and Lily was very comfortable there. So, Lily will begin her days with her new babysitter on Monday. Cindy is very excited about being Lily's sitter, and we are very blessed to have her. Lily will be the only one with Cindy all day long, and that is how Cindy wants to keep it. We believe that is what Lily needs right now. So, Lily will continue riding to school with me, and Cindy will bring her back to school at the end of the day. I will get to see her for school functions during the day, and I am really looking forward to this change. God knows the future, and we will never understand why things happened the way the did. We also have more healing to do from the whole episode simply because things like that hurt when family is involved. Yet, we should know that God's plan is perfect. It does not matter if we ever understand it.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3: 5-6


lillian08 said...

Wooooo-hoooo! Yeayeeeeeee God!

Kelley Burroughs said...

Jamie and Stephanie,

I know exactly how you felt these last few days. Our original plan for babysitting didn't work out with Merrell. I was desparate. My grandparents and mom pitched in for a week or so then, God knocked the wings off Kelly and sent her to us. Now, she is family. Don't know how we would survive without her.