Sunday, September 21, 2008

Faith, Hope, Love, and Lily

Please pray for our family. We have just lost our babysitter, and we are in desperate need for someone to take care of Lily. This is something we never saw coming, and we have made almost 75 phone calls at this point-and we haven't found anyone that can take care of our daughter. However, a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs. O'Malley and her family for taking care of Lily until we can find someone permanent. It is a big sacrifice for her family to make for us, and we truly appreciate it more than words could ever say!

We took Lily out of town this weekend. It is amazing how God works. We had this trip planned for months- since the summer. We were taking Lily to her first BIG concert. We went to see Third Day, Jars of Clay, and Switchfoot. Lily was so cute as she would sign the word"again" every time the music would stop. She absolutely had the best time! Of course, God's timing was perfect for us. We have been really hurt this week by everything that took place and being at that concert helped our healing to truly begin. If this would have happened at any other time, I am just unsure of how we would have bounced back. We are still very sad, and the tears can come at any moment. Pain when your child is involved is the worst hurt I have ever felt next to losing my Mom. We had no idea this whole process would hurt this badly.

So, anyway, throughout all of this turmoil, we have our faith that God will provide the perfect person in His time. We have hope that He will carry us through this time. We have love from God that will keep us going in the rough times. And most importantly, we are so thankful that we have Lily so that we get to have drama like this in our lives. Without her, our lives would not be the same.

Please, please, please pray for our family. We need prayer more than anything else- but we really need a babysitter, too!
(Sorry, in our mess, we completely forgot our camera this weekend. Lily looked super cute at the concert, though. You will just have to take our word on that one!)


Stacie said...

Dear Family,

We are praying hard. I can only imagine the emotions right now.

I know that nothing can be said to ease your stress... but remember God knew this would all happen JUST THIS WAY... long before you held sweet Lily in your arms. He has allowed this bump in the road to enter your lives for a reason! HIS plan is greater than anything we can think, hope or imagine and HE works all things to our good! HE loves Lily more than even you do ( I know-- doesn't seem possible -does it....) and HE will make sure that this works out for what is best for ALL of you. In the darkest part of the trials of my life these were hard words to hear and even harder to grasp, but having time to see things from a little bit of distance I NOW know and realize that HIS plan WAS and IS best. It is so hard to trust when it comes to your child, the love there is beyond bounds! But trust HIM-- HE WILL WORK IT ALL OUT!!!


lillian08 said...

Oh my.... precious friends - Please know that prayers are going UP, UP, UP!!!! God will see you through this time...
Please keep us posted!