Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Faithful Father

I open my heart embracing Your change. On You I fix my gaze. I feel the heat of Your lamp on my feet guiding my way. Why do I worry- why do I worry about tomorrow when You are the one who holds my future in Your hands. Faithful Father- I surrender all to You. All my love and all my devotion- all to You. Following peace, completely fulfilled and confidently still through King or stranger You broaden my path as I walk out Your will.

These are lyrics to a Sarah Kelly song, and they completely say how I feel today. Lily spent the day with Mrs. O'Malley. I put her in her car this morning - and there were no tears. Then, when she brought her back to school this afternoon, I learned about all of the fun things Lily did today. She went to the potty for Mrs. O'Malley with no problems whatsoever; she picked up eggs on the farm; visited with sheep; explored her house; played a Grand Piano; went to sleep easily; and slept all afternoon. Lily had the best day, and she was soooo happy when the day was over. She didn't complain one time on the drive home. She just talked and giggled all the way. Now, she is happily playing with her Baba.

We are still searching for a babysitter. As of last night, we hit 85 phone calls. We are meeting with a really nice lady tomorrow afternoon. I will let you know how things go, but I am going to leave everything up to God. I just know He will send the perfect person to us for Lily.

By the way, we had a wonderful friend to take some amazing photos of Lilybug a couple of weekends ago. I would love for you to check them out. The address is http://www.collages.net/ Our Username is Jamie, Stephanie and Lily. The password is 23972. You will have to put in your email address and your first name to view the site just for recording purposes. But, the pictures of Lily are so beautiful! Jamie looks quite handsome, too.
Please continue to pray for us! All of the prayers are definitely working!


lillian08 said...

Praying that your meeting will go well and you will find the perfect person to take care of Lily! God is completely in control of this situation. I know how much Mrs O'Malley has meant to you, Jamie and especially Lily... Now God will see to it that someone else just as special will come into your lives and become Lily's caretaker.
Can't wait to see the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow! My best friend is Sarah Kelly. I have her on "Google Alert" because it keeps us in line with what people blog and reminds us why we do what we do when we don't want to do it anymore. Thanks for being a reminder that our ministry is indeed reaching others.
joy baker