Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lily's First GameDay

That's right! It is football time in the Davis household! For those of you who don't know- we LOVE football. We are in mourning most of the year when we don't have football on Saturdays! So, we have one more reason that Lily was made just for us! When we brought her home from China, we were flipping through the channels and the Titans movie was playing. Jamie stopped there just to watch a football scene. Our daughter, who had never paid any attention to television at the time, stopped and intently watched the whole scene. Since football has started, Lily is completely engrossed in the games. When someone makes a touchdown, she claps as she stands in front of the television. When we were watching a game the other day, she even said "touchdown" as clear as could be. So, today, we got to watch our first real GameDay. Lily stood in front of the tv, and she danced to the intro song. She clapped when the audience clapped.
Then, she especially watched our favorite GameDay guy- Kirk Herbstreit. We love him! Apparently, Lily does, too! So, we are going to watch the big game for us this evening. It will be a tough one because Miami is my favorite team, and I am really pulling for Randy Shannon. I just think he is an amazing man with so much character. However, they are playing against Tim Tebow and Florida. Tim Tebow is my favorite quarterback ever! If you don't know a lot about him- here are a few things you might be interested in. His parents are missionaries, and he spent his Spring Break in the Phillipines with orphans. He is a wonderful example of a Christian. He travels around the U.S. speaking to groups of people about being a Christian, and he even spoke at a prison recently. He is truly an awesome guy who has a heart for God. So, this will be a hard night for me. But, my team actually doesn't have much hope against Tim and Florida. So, I am just praying that they will at least keep up with them. Do you see how much we love football!!!
On another note, Jamie sent me flowers at school yesterday.... just because he loves me. I think that is the best reason of all to ever send flowers. What a surprise they were! But, the coolest part about this type of flower is that it holds a special meaning to us. These are Sterling Roses- the perfect rose that has no thorns. So, thank you Jamie for a lifetime of perfection, and thank you God for giving me the best husband and best friend in the world!!!!


Life Thru The Lens said...

Hopefully she will really enjoy being at a football game in person! No doubt she is a true Davis.

lillian08 said...

Oh, how cute...
My college team ECU - WON again this weekend, beating #8 West Va!!! We are now ranked 14th on the AP poll... how cool is that?!!!
BTW - Your flowers are really beautiful!
Have a happy Monday,