Monday, August 4, 2008

Shopping with Lily

We went shopping this weekend. Lily is the best shopper ever. She loves being out and about. She never complains. Of course, now, she only spends about half of her time in the HipPanda. Then, we get her out, and she walks with us. She thinks she is just the coolest thing with her new walking legs. The whole walking thing is still so amazing to us. It is just so neat to watch her every day as her legs become more stable and not quite as wobbly.
Here we are ready to go shopping with Baba.
This is Lily when we got home. She was still as happy as could be.
Of course, she knew we had gotten her a present today. She could not wait for Baba to open it.
Then, she wanted to pick it up. She is trying to pick everything up which is too adorable. It is really interesting when she picks up things that are really heavy, and she can actually walk around with them.
Baba put the cart together, and Lily is having the best time pushing it around. This cart was a huge hit with Lily. It is the only thing she has played with for 3 days in a row. She loves it! She puts things in and pushes it around. Then, she will throw things out, and put them back in. This happens over and over again. Her kitty in the photo is her first favorite stuffed animal. It goes everywhere with her. She even gives it kisses first thing in the morning. (Sometimes even before she kisses us!)

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