Saturday, August 9, 2008

14 Months

A week from tomorrow, Lily will be 15 months old. I am wondering what else she will fit into this last week of this amazing month. I guess 14 months was just her magical age. She has learned so many things this month. I know I talked about these things earlier- how she can work puzzles now, brush her own hair, and learning how to walk/run. But, this month has been full of firsts for Lily. She now says my name all of the time, and it is the most beautiful word I have ever heard. She pronounces it with such meaning. She also has really started learning sign language, and she uses it appropriately. Signing "more" is her favorite one at the moment. But, she is always using "all done" for everything- being ready to go home, ready to go to bed, finished with food, finished with a toy, you name it- she has definitely learned that one. She also knows how to help Jamie put baby lotion on her after bathtime. That is one of my favorites- watching her get it in her hands and rub it on her arms and legs. I guess that one is part of her imitating us. Of course, the sippy cup thing is improving each day. Oh, and another favorite is when she helps me put things back where they are supposed to go. She also loves to go get my shoes or Jamie's shoes and bring them to us or try them on herself. Now, we can hand her something and ask her to take it to someone. Then, she will just walk it right over and hand it off with a "thank you" since she still uses that word for its normal meaning and you're welcome. She also wants to wear my glasses or headbands at home. She will take them off of me, and then she wants me to place them on her. She will just grin and walk around with them until they fall off. At that point, I have to fix it again.
Her food choices are hilarious, too, now. Whatever we eat, she wants. She has eaten sauteed veggies, fried green tomatoes, lo mein noodles, fried noodles, fried rice, scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits, oatmeal, fries, spinach, french onion soup, broccoli & cheese soup, grilled cheese sandwiches- you name it. The funny thing is that when we are eating- she does not want to use her silverware anymore. She only wants to eat off of our fork or spoon. She just turns her head and refuses the bite until it is on our fork. Then, she will just gobble it up.
One more cute story and then I am done breaking the Baba rule for the computer- Lily has watched Suzette leave the same way all summer long. She gets her purse, puts it on her forearm, waves bye-bye and says it, then blows her kisses. When she left yesterday, I brought Lily back downstairs to her playroom. Lily walked over, opened her cabinet where her purse is. Then, she put it on her forearm, turned around with a huge grin- said bye-bye while waving at me, then blew me kisses and walked toward the door. She thought she was too cute. I had to call Suzette immediately. How sweet is that! I wish I would have gotten it on video. Hopefully, she will do it again.
Have a great weekend! I will post more with pictures on Monday!

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