Monday, August 25, 2008

Lily's First Concert

For those of you who know us really well, you know that we are huge Christian concert go-ers. Since Lily has been with us, we have been staying away from concerts simply because we weren't sure how she would react. We wanted her to be ready for the adventure. Then, Jamie found out that two of his favorite bands would be in Atlanta in September- Third Day and Jars of Clay, plus they are coming with Switchfoot. So, we bought tickets, and we said that we would deal with whatever happens concerning Lily's state of mind at that time. About a month ago, Jamie heard that another of his favorites, DecembeRadio, would be doing a FREE concert at a church nearby. So, we decided a free concert would be the perfect way to break Lily in. Lily LOVES music, and I mean, seriously loves it. She dances to it, and she knows how to turn the radio on whether it is on the alarm clock or the t.v. She turns it on herself, and she starts dancing. So, we are showing her who we are going to see on Sunday evening.
When we got there, she just took everything in. She was really excited about being there!
Once the music started, she started laughing and clapping when she was supposed to. Here she is- mid clap. The people around us were amazed at how much she enjoyed herself. She even held a stranger's hand beside us when we were swaying in the crowd. She never does anything like that!!! Then, when they were talking about Jesus on stage, you could hear her little voice repeating "Jesus, Jesus!" with a huge grin on her face.

Once again, God has shown us how perfect He is. He truly made Lily for us in every way!

Here is a video of part of the concert if you are interested to hear a little of the band. We cannot wait to take her to many more concerts with us!

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The Davis Family said...

I'm SO jealous you all are going to see Third Day! My brother took their most recent photographs since they lost a member of their band and I keep begging him to figure out how to get my tickets to their show in Nashville! oh well :) You'll have to tell us how it was. We saw them a few years ago and it was so good.
So glad that Lily had a good time!