Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Life without Lily

How sad does that title sound? Well, I can't help it. School officially starts tomorrow with the children, and I really miss my little girl. Well, the great news is that things are going well at home with Aunt Mindy. We had some bathroom issues last week, but now Lily can go to the potty in front of Aunt Mindy. So, all is well. Lily is also in love with her cousin, Nathan. Mindy said she had to seperate them today... because they kept hugging and kissing on each other. How cute is that!!! Hopefully, she will get a video of that soon so I can post it for everyone to see.
Onto the cowboy hat picture- that is Baba's hat and Lily has a real fascination with it. We kept trying to get a picture of her face, but every time we would click the camera- she would pull it down. I thought that was a cute picture, too!

Here is Miss Lily getting into everything. You know how kids watch everything you do... and I mean EVERYTHING. Well, beside our bed, I have a drawer with Little Tummy Drops for Lily, Orajel, Benadryl (just in case she had an allergic reaction to something upstairs), and our nose spray. She likes to go through the drawer, pulling things out, and then she puts them back. She just started going through the drawer, pulling out the nose spray and putting it up to her nose, then she makes a sniffy sound. She always looks at me like she expects applause for her cleverness. She is quite observant these days!
Here is Aunt Trina at school in my classroom for our school cookout last night. Lily just adores her, and she stayed with her for most of the evening. She has certainly come out of her shell at school. Trina is showing her my China bulletin board.
Now, Lily is looking through my cousin, Michael Cooper's, books that I have displayed in my classroom. She went straight to them, and as you can see, she wanted to read them right away. Hopefully, I will be able to post again soon with some new videos! Have a great day everyone!

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lillian08 said...

We love the fact you put a China bulletin board up! You're a GREAT teacher to share your adventure with your students!
What a blessed little girl Lily is to have you & Jamie for parents... and what a blessed Mommy & Daddy to have Lily for a daughter!!!
Have a wonderful Wednesday.