Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Beautiful Lily

Thank you, Aunt Sharon, for this beautiful dress for Lily! We have been saving it until she started walking, and she is walking everywhere! Lily certainly felt pretty in this dress today. Notice that she has her favorite thing in the world in her hand. I have wanted her to be attached to something for a long time. Since Thursday, she officially has been attached to "kitty". She even had to have it when we went in Wal-Mart yesterday for our shopping trip. Jamie thought she was just drop it eventually, but she held onto kitty the whole time. We even had to take it to church this morning. She couldn't have picked a better thing to be attached to- in my opinion!
Lily is so happy, even though she is soooo tired! Getting up early in the morning is wearing her out. She was ready for her nap at 11:30 today, which is a whole hour earlier.
Isn't this the prettiest dress? It reminds me of something my Mom would have bought for Suzette or me. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ms Stephanie,
We just heard the great news and no one deserves Lily more than you and Jamie. Congratulations. She is such a beautiful baby. I know you will cherish her always.
Valerie & Melody Leamon

lillian08 said...

My heart is smiling...