Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Sick Little Lily...

These are pictures I took on Christmas Day when Lily was playing with her brand-new toys she had gotten that morning.
She was so happy! She loves her table and chairs, along with her dishes and things for her kitchen.Then, Lily got sick. She was running a temperature of 103. We took her to the doctor and found out she has RSV. It is extremely contagious, which is why I have it now, too. :0) We are just laying around watching lots of movies together. She has turned into a movie-watching queen. We have seen Pete's Dragon, Oliver and Company, Tinkerbell (again and again), Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure (again and again), and Peter Pan.
What has really shocked us is how upset she gets when characters leave in the movies! She cried and cried when Elliott left Pete, and she also cried when Oliver's friends left. She is noticing more and more that certain people leave her. She announced the other day, "Mama- Suzette always, always, always, always leaves." Then, she added, "Baba always leaves, too, Mama." I guess I am the only person who never leaves her since she leaves me at school each morning. I guess this is just a growing up thing. She is certainly doing that.
Please say a prayer for her because she really doesn't feel good. I will be glad once she is back to her giddy normal self.

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