Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent with Jamie's family. We go to church, and then head over for a delicious tradition of Lasagna dinner. Then, once the food is eaten, we go into the living room to open presents. Lily couldn't wait...
She didn't completely understand the concept of asking for things for Christmas. However, this doll was something she has not stopped talking about for months. Nana wants to buy her a doll for Christmas each year, so this is the one she gave Lily this year.
I was glad that Lily fell for it from a picture on-line. It's name is Jade Lin, and it is a Lee Middleton doll. My Mom also used to buy me a doll every year for Christmas. I had many Lee Middleton dolls in my collection as a child.
Even though she had been talking non-stop about Jade Lin, she was still ecstatic to see her when she opened her present. I love this expression on her face. She was so happy.
Needless to say, Jade Lin has been having tea parties, eating lots of yummy food from Lily's kitchen, and been on many shopping trips in Lily's shopping cart and her brand-new stroller.
More Christmas Day photos to come tomorrow!

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