Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesus!

On Christmas morning, Lily did not want to get up to open presents. She wanted to lay in bed and snuggle. But, finally, by 8:30 we went downstairs to see what Mama and Baba bought for Lily!
Once she realized we were opening her presents, she was not interested in Orange Danishes at all, which is one of her favorites. She was ready to open up her 3 presents! (2 of them went together.)
First, she opened her camera. She was so excited! She had played with Liana's last time we went to see them. She had been asking for this present.
We all had on matching Miami pjs. Sorry we didn't take any family photos that morning! :0)

I love this smile! She was sleepy, but really happy about her pink camera.
She could not wait to use it, so we played with the camera for awhile. Her pictures are hilarious, but pretty good.
Next, she opened her Pizza Party for her kitchen. Then, she opened her Wok set for her kitchen. She has really enjoyed playing with these items. I just love all of the Melissa & Doug stuff. It is so much fun to pretend with!
Then, she opened up her highchair for her babydolls. These were our presents to her. Suzette came over a few minutes later, and she opened up the rest of her presents: her table and chairs, cradle, stroller, puzzle, Kai-Lan Musical Set, and baby doll.
Tomorrow, I will put on some pictures of her playing with all of her new toys!

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