Monday, December 21, 2009

Kentucky & Holiday Hair

Lily is showing off her new haircut. I think this is the cutest cut she has had so far! She loves it! She goes around swinging it from side to side. She says it is her favorite!
Our trip to Kentucky was eventful. It took us over 6 hours to make a 3 hour trip. We thought we were outrunning the snow, but it met us on Jellico Mountain. We were stuck in traffic for hours, but the snow was beautiful. It was a winter wonderland!Finally, we made it out to Pop's house. Lily was happy to see everyone.
Here we are opening some presents. Lily got a Drawing Board and a Tinkerbell sticker book from Pop. Then, she got lots of Melissa & Doug items from her Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sam. She enjoyed opening up her presents, and she was not interested in eating dinner. She just wanted to play with everything. I can't wait until Christmas Day at our house! Pop's other presents for Lily are here for her to open since they were too big to take to the farm.
She also got some money for Christmas for her to put in her bank account. She liked getting money like a big girl! She enjoyed seeing her KY family. It was a long weekend, and we are thankful to be back home. We left all of the snow in Kentucky. I do miss it. It was so gorgeous!

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