Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Aunt Trina

Last Wednesday, Aunt Trina came over to have dinner with us. I think it might become a tradition to eat Dovino's Pizza and a MaryAnn from the Townhouse Bakery with Aunt Trina every year! It was delicious!! (Aunt Ruella- you were very missed this year! You will be here next year for our tradition, too!)
Lily opened up her presents from Aunt Trina. One of the presents was a purple Tinkerbell warm-up outfit that Lily loved.
Next, she opened up a Tinkerbell book that Trina had made for her with her name in it.
Next, she opened up something that was also wrapped in Tinkerbell paper... are you catching onto a theme here? Lily loves Tinkerbell.
And look what was in that box! Tinkerbell herself!
Then, Lily opened up her Hannah Montana microphone. Bless her heart, she has been using a Dora bat as her microphone for awhile now. She immediately wanted us to play the Hannah Montana concert so she could "sing".
We have been singing a lot over the past few days!!! Thank you Aunt Trina for all of the presents, but especially for being such a wonderful Aunt to Lily!!! You know her so well!

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