Monday, January 4, 2010

Laughing while we are sick...

Lily says the funniest things! When Baba left to go to the doctor today, Lily followed him to the door saying, “I love you, Baba. Be careful. Be careful. I love you, Baba. I see you later. Be careful.”

Tonight, Lily asked Baba what he was doing in his closet, and he replied, “What does it look like?” She then said, “What does it look like to you, Baba?”

At bath time, Lily was told repeatedly to push the button to get out. Finally, Baba said, “Okay, Lily, I am going to count to 3.” Lily responded, “Okay, I understand, Baba” while pushing the button very seriously.

Note: We are all sick- at home- taking care of each other. Jamie had to return to the doctor today. Thank Heavens that his RSV has not turned into Pneumonia, but he does have a really bad infection that is making him feel awful. Hopefully, another day of rest at home will make a huge difference!

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