Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The things she says....

We took Lily to the ENT yesterday to find out why she has been coughing so much. Expecting the worst news, things didn't turn out too bad. Basically, she has a really bad infection and she will be on antibiotics for 1 month. But, no surgery needed--- so thank you Jesus! We have been praying!

While at the doctor's office, Lily was such a good girl. I can never believe that she does so well when we have to wait like we do. So, you know how the nurse comes in asking all of the questions. Well, we are talking (while Lily is talking to her, too) and she asks us about what types of medicines Lily is taking. We say Singulair and Nasonex. Then, she starts to go on to the next question when Miss Lily says, " Ummmm- And vitamins!" She tried her best to answer every question. She loved having her x-rays made, and she thoroughly enjoyed the whole visit. Such a turn around from 1 year ago. It is amazing to see the person she is becoming.

She also told me yesterday about my Life is Good shirt I was wearing. She wanted to look at it. She said that it was Baba playing music "paying mumic" the puppy is singing. I asked what the puppy was singing to which she replied, "Ruff ruff ruff" in a sing-songy way. Then, I asked what Baba and the puppy were talking about. She said, "Miss you Mama- Miss you Lily" I said, "Where are we?" She said, "Shopping."

The things she says....

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jocelyn031708 said...

Glad to hear that no surgery is required and that only medicine is needed. Lily is such a good girl and so patient. You are doing a wonderful job and mama and baba