Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Big Saturday

Lily started off her Saturday- which is her favorite day, by the way- with Suzette. She came over to play with her this morning. When she left, Lily took almost a 3 hour nap! Then, it was time to go to Wee Bounce for Nathan's birthday party. You can see that Lily and Baba had a great time, again...
And here is a picture of the birthday boy- Nathan. Lily had a fun day at his party!
On a funny note: Lily kept talking non-stop at dinner last night. She kept telling Baba- bye, bye over and over again at one point. Jamie teasingly told Lily to say it again in Chinese. She looked right at him, and she said, "Bye Bye in Chinese Baba!"
Right now, she is talking non-stop again while she is in the tub. She is saying, "Happy Birthday Mama- Happy Birthday Baba- Happy Birthday Lily. Cheryl is happy, Trina is happy, Ruella is happy. See a stop sign-Baba- T-O-P -O-P-O-P (she is spelling Stop) Hey Jo Jo- Jo Jo- I love you Jo Jo. Jo Jo's favorite- Mama's favorite- Baba's favorite- Suzette's favorite (she is talking about herself now being everyone's favorite) Mama on computer with Trina ." and the talking goes on and on.


Mary McG in TN said...

Stephanie, Lily sounds like my second graders! They NEVER stop talking. I am enjoying following her. You all are great parents. Are there any more in the works? Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

lillian08 said...

The first picture of Jamie and Lilly makes me giggle!!! Love it! Playing catch up with your posts... Hope you are well!!