Sunday, August 23, 2009

China...and Changes

Lily has become such a conversationalist. She now knows that she is from China, and she flew on a big airplane to come home. She says she had fun flying. She also knows the names of the girls who were with her in China- Hannah, Lilli, Jocelyn, Marah, and Liana was there, too - she says.
I can also say that we are finished with our potty-training. It was hard to potty-train a child who has been stinky-trained since we got her. I think it just made us lazy because changing a diaper with tinkle was never a big deal. But, we can finally say that she tells us when she needs to go, and she can wear panties most of the day. Plus, she can hold it for 2-3 hours sometimes if she needs to. She also tells other people when she needs to go- her babysitter, friends, and her Sunday School teachers. Lily is definitely changing every day. She loves doing everything by herself. Her favorite words are "NO, no- I do it. I do it." She even says this for things that we need to do like changing the sheets on the bed or taking care of the clothes. She loves to help us do our chores.
She loves to have her picture made now, too. She has also turned into a very caring little Mama to her stuffed animals and her dolls. She enjoys bathing them in the sink, putting blankets around them, and rocking them while singing to them. At the babysitter's house last week, she even wanted Alice to change her babydoll's diaper. After which, she proceeded to take her to the potty. Alice left Lily alone for a second later on that day, and Lily took her baby back to the potty and used almost half of a roll of toilet paper. She must have made a big stinky!
Have a great week!!! My stitches come out on Tuesday, and we take Lily to the ENT on Tuesday, too. Hopefully, they can help us figure out what is going on with her excessive coughing during her sleeping.

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