Monday, August 3, 2009

Lily's Longest Sentence

School starts tomorrow for me. I am so sad that this summer is over. Lily and I have totally enjoyed every moment together. I keep trying to explain to her what is going to take place tomorrow, and she says, "No, stay with Mama." So, then I take the approach of explaining that work is how Mama and Baba make money to take her to the mall and Disney World. She replied, "No presents, no mall- stay with Mama." All of this happened before the weekend...
Since Lily was sick last weekend, and we were unable to go to see our family and friends in NC and SC- we decided to go to our home away from home.... Atlanta. It is super close, and we love taking Lily to the hotel and to go shopping. On this trip, she finally got it! Everyone at the hotel remembers Lily, and she adores all of their attention. When we go eat the breakfast at our favorite hotel, the ladies that work there call her by name. She even told them this time that they could go shopping with us, and she said she would buy them presents. She also fed our favorite server, Erica, strawberries.
Needless to say, she is at home there, too. On this trip, she got her new kitty- Flower from Neiman Marcus. She also got to do lots of shopping for herself at Pottery Barn Kids, Hanna Andersson, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Lucky Brand Jeans.
So, what is "it" that we think she finally understands? When we got home last night, she said, "I wanna go shopping mall in the morning, Mama." I said, "Well, Mama has to go back to work these week. So, we will be going back in a few months." She then said, "Work? To get presents?"
So, now, hopefully, the working this week won't be too hard on all of us. Change for Lily always brings about her night terrors and a ressurrection of her old insecurities for a few weeks. It would really be nice for her understand what is happening this time.
Here she is blowing kisses to our hotel room before we leave. Our princess had a wonderful time shopping this weekend.


lillian08 said...

Pheeeewwwww... Y'all have been busy!!! It took me forever to read all your posts. I am a little behind. I barely have time anymore to log onto my own site to do updates.
I know Lily will miss you terribly when you go back to school. :o( I love the "Work to get presents" story. She's such a smart girl... and talking soooo big!!! Lilli loves her new kitty too! So cute!:o)
Hope you are well... miss you!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Looks like you have a future shopper on your hands!! :) I enjoyed the photos...the kitty is too cute. Good luck with the transition of going back to school!