Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dancing with our Star

Lily is dancing to the credits of the Hannah Montana movie. After watching her dance the whole way through, we finally decided to get the camera and capture the moment.

I have gone to inservice for 2 LONG days. Lily has been staying at the house with her Aunt Ruella, one of my Mom's dear friends. She adores her Aunt Ruella, so she has been happy during the day. Ruella says that she asks for me about 3 million times during the day, but there have been no tears. Of course, the best part is when I get home in the afternoon- I am greeted with hugs and these words, "Miss you, Mama!" I miss Lily terribly, but I am excited to see the new Lily that has emerged this year. Plus, we haven't had any night terrors yet, either. Next week, she will go back to Alice's house. Please pray that she will be just as happy next week, too!

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jocelyn031708 said...

Love the dancing!! She is a natural.