Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tea Party, Anyone?

Lily decided to invite a few "friends" over for tea this afternoon.
She poured tea for her kitty friends and purple Paz (Yes, all penguins are Paz- only relevant to those of you who have Hi-5 watchers!)
The party grew and grew, and Lily continued to place the kitties' faces in their cups after pouring their tea.
Then, she moved on to the real kitties to see if they wanted some of her tea, too!
On a new note: Lily has officially decided that only Lily will choose what she wears each day. So, now we have a drawer of outfits for her to pick from. It is much easier than hearing "No way, Baba" or "No way, Mama" each time we get her dressed. :0)

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lillian08 said...

Your post MADE MY DAY! All those kitties lined up drinking tea... LOL So funny! Lily's so smart!!
xo, Jen