Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Party 3

My sister came over and celebrated Lily's actual birthday on Sunday. She was really getting used to this whole present idea by the third day of celebrating.
First, she opened up her new bowling ball set. She really liked the ball and her animals. She quickly got the hang of setting them up and knocking them down.
Then, she was off to get her other presents...
We got her some magnetic letters for the filing cabinet in lower case and upper case. She loved them! We had to let her get one out at a time and tell us what letter they were before she could open up anything else. After this present, she opened her new legos which were a bonus set that go with the set we got her for Christmas. She has started making the "iffa towur" a.k.a. eiffel tower with her legos. She also got a brand-new Vera Bradley purse from Suzette that she is in love with. It is the same purple punch pattern that I have, so we are matching once again. I am sure I will get pictures of her with her new purse very soon.
After a long weekend, we ended the evening with a good, long bath. She has really enjoyed this weekend. She has one more weekend of getting presents since we are going to visit my family this weekend. I guess there is nothing better than having birthdays that last for days!

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