Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On our way to a bob...

Lily got a new hair-do! We went to get our hair trimmed last week. She did well, and she was excited about seeing Troy, our hairdresser. He trimmed up the back, and we have an appointment in 6 weeks for our matching bob haircuts. We are really hopeful that her bangs will be grown out by then. I will be so glad when her hair is the same length. Growing out these bangs are hard, to say the least. But, I am glad we are getting this over with. She is so good at night when we blow dry her hair. She loves it! Now, I am even clipping it up and blowing it dry on a big round brush section by section--- like I do mine. Her hair is so poofy and thick when I get done. I am soooo jealous... but in a good way.
We hope you all have a great weekend! I should have some new videos to post next week.

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lillian08 said...

I love Lily's hairdo. I wish our Lilli had as much hair. I probably need to get the back cut... it's beginning to take on the form of a mullet. :o)
Thanks for your kind words, thoughts and prayers for Lilli. I don't know what kind of "bug" this is... but boy, it's bad stuff! I hope it's gone before the end of the weekend. I am worried about the whole "reevaluation" with blood test on Monday.
Love y'all,