Thursday, May 14, 2009


Jamie and I took Lily to her first gymnastics class today. We had no expectations- and we had no idea how Lily would react to the class. Do you see her back there touching her toes?
At first, she was shy and she just stood watching everything closely and intently. Then, she just joined right in. Of course, the girls were all older. So, she loved being around them. They took her hand and led her in the right directions during the class. Here, she is talking with one of the girls- who knows what they are chatting about.

She loved the balance beam! She wanted to do it over and over again. But, she understood that she had to take turns. Keaira is also in this class- she is a China sister who goes to church with us. Keaira is 4 years old.
I did not get any pictures of Lily hanging on the bar which is back in the corner of this photo. But, she loved it, too! She has had lots of practice on the bar- in my closet. She has been hanging since she started walking, so this was familiar to her.
She also really enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline. We were pleasantly surprised at her involvement, and Mrs. Kim is great with Lily and the other girls. She was blowing kisses and saying, "Bye girls" when we left. Then, she has been talking about "nastics" all evening long. She has also been doing some of the moves she learned in class tonight, and she stands up and says "Tada" every time she does something with arms raised straight up in the air and a cute little stance. We had a really good time tonight!
Come back for lots of birthday pictures this weekend! We are looking forward to the celebrations!

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jocelyn031708 said...

The look of joy on Lily's face is priceless. I know that she will one day be in the olympics as a gymnast.

I am looking forward to seeing the birthday pictures this weekend

Happy Early 2nd birthday Lily !!!

Renee and Jocelyn