Sunday, May 17, 2009

Party 2 and Matching with Mama

Lily's second celebration started with spending lots of quality time with her Aunt Trina and Aunt Ruella. They came over to spend the evening playing with Lily. Lily loved showing them how to have a tea party. She loves filling up the cups with "tea, sugar, and cream".
Lily's Nana and Poppa gave her this balloon which Lily adores. She likes to kiss her feet and laugh!
After dinner, Lily got to open up her presents from Trina and Ruella. They stuck with the Abby theme. They got her some Abby books, an Abby shirt, and a set of Abby K'nex building blocks.
They also got her these adorable Abby New Balance shoes. Lily loves her new shoes, and she loved everything else. She said, "Abby" over and over again with a huge smile when she opened each gift. It took a long time to open these presents because she had to stop and play with each one. She also had to read each book and point out Abby on every page.
Here Lily opening up her second present. She loved the purple paper and the pretty bows!
After bathtime with Ruella and Trina, Lily wanted more playtime before time for them to leave. So, they headed back downstairs to the playroom. She enjoyed spending time with them.
Lily had the best time at her party on Saturday night!
She had a big grin on her face all evening long!
Earlier that day, we went to Manda's graduation from college. (Manda is Jamie's sister.)
For those of you who don't know- Lily hates dresses. So, we endured 30 minutes of crying and complaining while we were getting ready.
However, the fact that we were matching finally won her over. Plus, I showed her how you can twirl in a dress. She got over her contempt of dresses after the initial shock of us making her wear one.
We love wearing our matching clothes from Hanna Andersson. When Lily was still a little teary eyed in the car on our way to graduation, she said, "Mama- I jouve you." I said, "Lily, I love you, too." Then, she said, "We match." That just made me smile. The tears quickly faded and all was well. Then, she wanted to wear a dress to church today, too. She didn't even want to take it off when we got home. What have we started....
More pictures and videos of this weekend to come this week!


jocelyn031708 said...

Happy 2nd birthday to Lily!! You are so grown up. I loved the matching dresses that you and your mom have. They are adorable. What a good time was had at your parties. Boy did you get a lot of neat toys.


Beth said...


Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Lily.
Happy Birthday to You!!

Happy 2nd birthday Lily! We are so glad that your day has been so special. We wish we could have helped you celebrate. Know that we've been thinking about you all weekend.

David, Beth, Liana and your Wanzai Sister, Marah Brock

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Happy 2nd birthday to you, Lily!! Looks like your parties were so much fun!!

I love the matching dresses! :)