Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthday Party #1

Jamie made Lily cupcakes for her birthday. It was his first attempt at cupcakes and homemade creamcheese icing- and I must say, he did an excellent job! They were delicious!
Tonight's celebration was held at Jamie's parents house (a.k.a. Nana and Poppa's). The whole family was there. We had an Abby-theme which will continue for her next two parties this weekend. Here she is getting ready to help blow out her Abby candle.
Lily's cousin, Elijah, is watching while Lily opens up her play-doh from Aunt Mindy, Uncle Michael, and Nathan.
She is checking out one of her birthday cards. She also got an Etch-a-sketch and a Paddington Bear from Harrod's Department Store in London, England. (Her Uncle Gene just returned from a business trip in London.)
Her Nana and Poppa bought her a tricycle. She loved it! And so did her cousin, Nathan. Since we have gotten home, she has been riding her tricycle all through the den and kitchen.
I will post more pictures tomorrow of her next party with Aunt Ruella and Aunt Trina!

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