Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Reunion

We went to Kentucky for a family reunion over the weekend. Lily loves her cousins- here she is with Alex.
Here she is with Wyatt and Alex- they are brothers.
Jamie took this photo with our camera. From the back left- Michael, Jonathan (both my cousins), Pop, Uncle Paul, Tommy (another cousin), with Uncle Tom on the end (Nana Claire's baby brother). His wife, Aunt Sharon is sitting in front of him. Tommy is their son. Aunt Ruth (Nana Claire's sister) is sitting beside Sharon. Then, Aunt Theresa is beside us. She was married to Mom's oldest brother. There were 7 children all together in Mom's family. Every family that had children had boys, except for Mom- she was the only one who had girls. How funny is it that all these years later, the exact same thing has taken place. All of my cousins who have children all have boys- except for me! I think that is interesting. Notice the little photographer on the front row- Lily is taking a picture of Baba!!
Here is Lily with Aunt Sharon. She followed her around most of the time. She loves going to Sharon and Tom's house. She loved spending time with the family- and so did we!

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