Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lily's New Kitchen

Well, that is what she is calling it anyway. Lily is thrilled to have a brand-new kitchen, but not even as thrilled as her parents.
So, here she is showing off her new snack bar where she eats lunch every day, along with her snacks.
She also loves this corner area because the bottom drawers are all hers. She has her silverware, plates, bowls, and cups in her drawers. She loves helping to set the table each night for dinner.
We love having our office area in our kitchen. It makes everything so much easier.
So, now, we are just waiting for our new floor which should be installed next Tuesday. Lily and her Mama have already been getting cooking lessons from Chef Baba. Lily helped me make Spinach con Queso the other night. It is one of her favorite things, so we tried to make it. We had a little difficulty with the roux- it was a little thick- but still delicious.
Next, Lily is going to help me make Lettuce Wraps. I am really looking forward to that! Baba is enjoying having 2 new "Chefs-in-the-making" in his kitchen.

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