Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ACCA Reunion

We went to the Reunion at the Cirque de Chine on Saturday, July 10th.
We participated in the activities like hopsctoch...
blowing bubbles together...and
the acrobats showed the girls how to hula hoop.

Lily loved the acrobats, and she could not wait to see them perform.
This man helped Lily write her Chinese numbers in Calligraphy.
Lily was excited to write in this special way.
After she was finished, he wrote her name in Chinese for her.
Jamie got to write, too.
Then, Jamie got to show off his exceptional chopsticks skills while picking up marbles.
Lily wanted him to try on the Chinese mask.
Beth, Marah, and Liana were learning the art of paper folding.
We are really enjoying our day at the reunion.
Lily is coloring with the acrobats.

Liana was our photographer. She has always loved to take pictures, even back in our China days.
We ate a delcious Chinese meal, and Lily really enjoyed the noodles.
Sweet Liana with David. See Marah eating her ice cream.
Here are all of the families taking their children on stage for a picture with the acrobats at the end of the show. It was really great!
However, one sleepy little Lily didn't get to go on stage! At least she made it through most of the show!
I will post pictures of Dollywood tomorrow!

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