Thursday, July 15, 2010


We got to Dollywood bright and early with our friends. Lily had to ride the carousel first!
We were the only people on the ride! So, Lily got to pick the kitty instead of the horse. She was thrilled to get to ride a cat!
Next, we flew on the elephant ride- really high in the air! Lily loved it!
Then, she went on more rides! She loves Disney World rides, but I had no idea that she would love these rides so much. She wasn't scared of anything!
Here I am holding Marah while we are getting ready to ride again. Marah loved to ride everything, too!
Lily rode this ride with Beth. Jamie and I didn't want to ride The Scrambler. But, Lily did. So, Beth said, "I will take you." Without a glance in our direction, Lily reached out and took Beth's hand. Amazing. Lily loves Beth!
Here she is riding the kiddie rides. I had no idea this duck would spin around so much!
Here, she rode with Liana and Marah. Marah was a little upset because she did not get to ride in the front seat. But, isn't that the sweetest upset face you have ever seen!
The girls were excited to steer themselves and push the buttons.
They had so much fun at Dollywood together on these rides. I had no idea they had all of these rides for kids.
She also rode on the train roller coaster and the shooting star ride. But, we didn't get pictures of it.
She even rode on things with strangers. Totally not like our Lily- but we are liking this independence she is displaying!
Jamie had to get into the action at KidsFest. He helped Lily make a tye-dye t-shirt. It is so cute! Of course, it is pink and purple!
After our day at Dollywood, we went back to the cabin, spent a little more time with our friends, then we headed out for dinner at Calhoun's. Then, it was time to head home. Lily and the girls loved spending time in the window of our upstairs bedroom at the cabin.
We had the best weekend! We really miss our friends, and we can't wait to see them again "next week"! We love you - Beth, David, Liana, and Marah! Can't wait to plan another vacation really soon!

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