Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Summer...

I have had the best summer with Lily. I am so blessed to be a teacher and to be able to spend 2 months with my daughter every summer. I absolutely love everything about Lily. She started to blossom right after Spring Break, and she has continued to blossom this summer. She is turning into a little lady with such manners- "Yes, Mama." "Please with sugar on top." "Thank you." "You're welcome." "Excuse me." "Whatever you say, Mama."- my personal favorite. Her new favorite word at the moment is actually. She is a caregiver who constantly wants to rub our backs, love on us, cover us up with blankets "since we are so cold", and just geuinely "take care" of us. Her favorite stuffed animals are Nemo and Roo, with Piglet coming in a close 3rd position. She loves watching movies- especially The Tigger Movie, Finding Nemo, The Heffalump Movie, and Wall-E. She enjoys reading to her stuffed animals and to us. She makes up the cutest stories. She also loves to cook in her kitchen, and she makes sure she feeds every stuffed animal she has in the process. No one ever gets left out. She is very aware of God and Jesus, and she wants to talk about them often. She also loves reading her picture-Bible and is completely convinced that she is the Princess who found Moses (because she does look just like her). Her prayers have become more intimate as she really talks to God about everything.

I am so sad to see this chapter of our lives come to an end, but I look forward to what the next one will bring. It was wonderful to have all day with her every day. I will cherish these moments for years to come. I also promise to cherish every second I get with her when tomorrow morning comes and I am officially a working Mom once again.

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