Saturday, September 14, 2013


 So, we spent our first day at Hollywood Studios.  Lily couldn't wait to go see the Disney Junior shows with Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  I am really a fan of this age where she still loves these simple shows, but she loves the Disney Channel shows, too.  It just shows the innocence that she still possesses.
 Our next stop, of course, was Star Wars.  This was such a nice time to visit the parks.  There was no one there.  Sure, there were probably a few thousand people- but that is nothing.  We only had to wait in one line the whole day.  So, we finally had the opportunity to get a picture on the Star Wars stuff.
 We walked down the street without the Christmas lights.  It really looked completely different.  We also noticed that there was a China shop- which we have never noticed before because of all of the people!  It is crazy what Disney World looks like when you can actually take everything in.  Lily kept saying, "Look at all the room we have!" She was talking about beside us while we were walking.  Apparently, September is a great time to go!
 So, we did wait for about 25 minutes to ride Toy Story Mania- wish is nothing!  We could have gotten a FastPass, but we were staying there all day.  So, we just decided to wait.  Lily had fun taking pictures of us.
 She saw Andy's crayons and she said, "You know why that pink crayon is still sharp?  It is because Andy doesn't like girl colors.  So, he hasn't used it yet." I had never thought of that line of thinking.  But, sure enough- the other colors throughout the building are used quite well.  She is such a thinker!

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