Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 Lily was baptized on September 21st.  She was very serious when she was listening to Pastor Josh before Jamie got to baptize her.
 Jamie was thrilled to get to baptize his baby!  What an awesome experience!
 You can see he is one proud Baba!  This was right after  her baptism when we took her back to the changing area... We got to wrap her in a towel and love on her!  We were so excited!  She said, "I am clean, clean, clean!  My sins have been washed away!"
Then, we got a super happy family moment together!  Lily has been talking about her relationship with God since the summer.  She actually prayed about it over the summer, but we had to make sure she was totally ready for this commitment.

One cool little mention- I was baptized exactly 30 years ago today (September 25th, 1983).  We thought that was pretty awesome!

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