Saturday, September 14, 2013

Home Away From Home

 I didn't take any pictures at the concerts because I left my phone in the room, on purpose.  I just didn't want anything to happen to it because the Magic Kingdom was crazy packed.  We had a wonderful time listening to our favorite artists.  Lily loved seeing Jamie Grace and we enjoyed Skillet in front of the castle with fireworks.  Wow!  It was seriously awesome!  But before we went to the concert, we spent another day at Epcot where we got to see Mulan.
 We also went over to Mexico for some nachos.  Lily met a friend who would not stay away from her.  Her crane stayed with her the whole time we ate.  He was sweet- he kept talking and talking to her.
We had a little midnight treat before bed that evening- some Mike Cake Pops which were delicious.  Then the Mickey treats were our breakfast the next morning.  We had to have a little treat while we were there!
Going to Night of Joy was one of our best Disney memories ever!

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