Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 24- WDW

 So, we decided to head to Disney World for Night of Joy this year.  It is something we have always wanted to do.  Night of Joy is a weekend packed full of Christian artists who perform on three stages in the Magic Kingdom on Friday and Saturday evening from 6ish until 1ish.  One of the stages is located right in front of Cinderella's castle.
   As soon as we arrived at The Boardwalk, we noticed that Michael Tait (from Newsboys) and his band members were checking in right beside us.  That was pretty cool!

We are also a part of the Disney Vacation Club now.  This will give us the opportunity to travel with Lily all over the world.  We love LOVE love to travel, and so does Lily.  She is the best little traveler.  So, we can't wait for her to grow up a little bit more so we can travel to some locations throughout the world like England, Hawaii, and of course- back to Paris.  Until those times though, we are choosing to return to Disney World as often as we can.  Since we are member of the DVC, we stay in our own home location.  For us, we chose the Boardwalk because it is our favorite place.  I had some friends ask about the difference of the room.  So, I have posted some pictures below.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the bed, sitting area, and deck.  But, they look a lot like the regular room- except the space seems so much larger.  Lily kept referring to it as our apartment all weekend.
 So, here is our little kitchen space.  I didn't think we would use it much, but we did.  We ended up getting some to go items from France in the evenings- even our breakfast items for the next day.  We would just microwave them.  It was nice.  Plus, they provided us with paper plates and things in the cabinets.
 I really like the vanity area much better in the DVC room.  It just gave us lots more counter space which is really nice on vacation.
 There was also a walk-in closet which had a vacuum cleaner.  Yes, I did love having my own.  The cleaning crew only comes on certain days.  I really liked just being able to have the room to ourselves and not worrying about when the crew would come in.  Plus, no one was ever knocking on the door.  Not that we are in the room a lot, but it was still nice to know that we had more privacy.
 There was a little entry way when you walked in where we kept our shoes.
 The bathrooms still looked basically the same.  Nothing to get excited about, but they are clean.  That is all that matters.
 This was the little eating area right beside the deck.  This was really nice for breakfast.  I know most of the rooms we have stayed in have these areas, but this was room seemed so much larger.  It had our queen sized bed, a coach area for lounging, the piece of furniture with the flat screen tv and beside it was another small day-bed area where Lily wanted to sleep.  Plus there was a huge area in between the coach and this little table area where Lily could play and have plenty of room in the mornings while we were getting ready or late at night.  The room was great.  Let's face it though- at WDW no one spends a lot of time in their room.  But, when we were there- it was super nice!  We love being DVC members!

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