Sunday, September 13, 2009


You know your child has been in Time-Out way too often when...

Lily's favorite kitty, Uh-oh, hit me last night while we were watching a football game (with Lily's help, of course.) Lily immediately said, "Oh No, Uh-oh. No hit Mama. You go to Time-Out." She then walked her kitty over to Lily's Time-Out spot, and she sat him down. After that, she turned and walked back to us. Of course, we were holding back laughter. She announced that Uh-oh was in Time-Out for hitting Mama. Then, she walked back to Uh-oh, picked her kitty up in her arms, and gave her hugs and kisses. She had a talk with Uh-oh about her behavior, and they both came back over and sat down to watch more of the game.

Too funny!!

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