Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lily's Weekend

Lily still has a fever, and her mood is Princess/Tiger at any moment. This shows that she does not feel well. Jamie will have to stay home with her Monday. Then, we will see if she can re-enter society or at least- Alice's house- on Tuesday. We are praying she will be able to. Alice subbed for me last week at school where my classroom was contaminated by sickness. I had 11 kids out a few days last week. So, the flu has hit. I am hopeful that I missed it by being out with Lily. (By the way- thank you Alice for all of your help- and Lily has missed you!)

On a great note, she has learned how to sing the ABC song this week. She has made up all kinds of new dances, and she has started reading her books to us with the actual words that are in them. We are going to try to get it on video soon because it is so adorable. She has also started saying "please" instead of "cheese". Her words are becoming more recognizable, and her sentences have started to include words like "of, and, to" in them. It seems like 28 months is going to be a lot of fun watching her growth!

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