Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Miami Fan

Lily just started loving nightgowns instead of little shorts and shirts to sleep in at night. So, I was looking through some of my t-shirts last night when I came across this one that I thought Lily would love. We have been buying 3T t-shirts for her to wear at night. (She is also cheering in this picture- saying, "Go, go Miami!")
Lily loves Miami, and she loves football. She gets so excited when the quarterbacks make touchdowns. She actually sits and watches the games on t.v. So, she loved her new nightgown.
Here she is showing off the U.
(While she is eating her berry snack)
She loves her berry snacks!
But, if you ask her who her favorite quarterback is- she says "Tebow!" Her Mama and Baba agree, of course! He is the best!

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jocelyn031708 said...

I love the idea of the t-shirts for her to wear as pajamas. I love the first picture of her she has a beautiful smile. It makes me smile everytime I see it. I will have to see if Jocelyn will wear t shirts for pajamas