Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WDW- Day 4

 We finally went to see Beauty & the Beast.  We have wanted to every year, but somehow, for whatever reason- we just never went.  I had no idea what we were missing!  We loved this.  It was probably our favorite part of the entire trip.  We arrived early, so we were able to sit on the third row in the middle which made for an even more enjoyable time.
 Even though we clearly knew what happened since we have seen the movie a thousand times- Lily and I both cried when the beast died.  It was so sad and moving.  But, we were super happy when he turned into himself since he finally learned to love someone else.  What a great message this story contains!
We have been totally given all kinds of God's favor on this trip.  We have enjoyed our time together immensely, and you can see from the picture below- Lily was giggling like crazy.  A lady even stopped to tell us we should bottle that laughter- or tape it- so we could hear it over and over again.  Yes, it rained a little...sometimes a lot....but Disney is just that magical.  It didn't matter!  We still have more pictures to share since we were there a few more days.  So, we will post more tomorrow.

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