Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What she says...

"I really want some of that BarbeCUBE today. It is yummy!"

"I need to put on some lipgloss today because I am going on a special occasion!"

"Make sure Sushi stays in here with you since she is always a good stayer."

"Okay- you sit here, and you sit here, and you sit here....(waiting with hands on hips)...pllllease!"

"I really love your tattoos, but I am never going to get one of those because there will be blood."

(Two days later) "I am going to get one of those tattoos when I grow up...probably a small heart."

"I think I need a Kit Kat."

"Remember, when I grow up, I want a hot pink Mini Cooper. Now, don't forget, okay!"

After watching Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, "Next time we go swimming, I am ready to go to Heaven." (In the movie, Aslan says his land is beyond the water.) "I am excited to see Nana Claire. But, I will miss you since we can't come back here after we go there." The questions and statements about Heaven are constant and very interesting.

We can't wait to hear what she will say next....

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