Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Grown Up

I'm not sure what it is... the constant need to put on her Sephora pink eyeshadow with her lipgloss, her unending questions about Heaven- (how we get there, who we will see, and what it is going to be like), her constant questions about marriage and babies, her need to tell everyone what to do "really nicely", or the fact that she keeps growing taller and taller.... But, everyday, we look at each other and comment about how Lily is growing up.

She has always loved everything Disney, but now, she has a new found passion for Mulan. I think it is because she finally understands the movie, along with how amazing Mulan's character truly is. She is constantly reminding us that certain people (in movies or life) are breaking God's rules. She completely understands wrong from right, and she has even started counting for herself. (You know- "Now, Lily- you have to the count of 3. 1...2...3" She means it, too. I told her the other day, I am just waiting for her to put herself in time-out. She thought that was hilarious, but she also thought it might be a good idea.

With every change, I enjoy her little spirit, her personality, her creative-side, her love for God and Jesus, her love for her family and friends---even more! Every day, we pray that God will make us into excellent examples for our daughter. He has given us such a gift, and we pray that we can raise her with God's guidance, strength, and grace every day!

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