Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Flower Girl and the Shoes

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl named Lily. She had always longed to be a flower girl. One day, her Aunt Manda asked her if she would be one of her flower girls for her wedding. Lily was thrilled. So each day, she practiced and practiced and practiced for her very important job. Finally, the wedding day arrived. No one had told her it would be such a long day- she waited and waited and waited. She just thought she could not wait another minute. She could not wait to drop the fragile flower petals down the center aisle in the church. All of a sudden, everyone began to get even more excited as the bridesmaids put their high heel shoes on for the big moment. Lily was really unsure why the girls kept taking their shoes off all day long. Before Aunt Manda walked down the aisle, Lily finally was able to be a flower girl. She walked in the middle of the two older girls, delicately laying down one petal at a time. When she reached the area where she was told to stand, she did so happily...for a few minutes. Why had no one explained to her how long this wedding would take? She knew it had to have been at least 5 minutes by now! She looked up at her Mama, and she whispered, "My legs are really tired." She saw her Mama's face, and she knew she had better turn back around and do her job. But, seriously, she was tired, and that basket was really heavy. So, she decided to just sit it down for a few minutes. Wait a minute, Lily thought, maybe that is why all of the girls in the wedding kept taking their shoes off all day. They were probably tired of standing, too. So, it couldn't hurt to take my shoes off, Lily said to herself. She quietly removed her shoes, and quickly realized that things must be coming to end. She watched as Aunt Manda and Uncle Bernie walked down the aisle with loud applause. Then, she watched as her cousins walked out. "Uh-oh," she exclaimed when it was her turn. "I don't have my shoes on!" Everyone in the audience was smiling at her, while the two flower girls were staring at her...waiting on her! It was the easiest thing to turn and wait on her Mama and Baba to walk. She decided to just walk back with them. She would remember next time she got to have this very important job that you probably should keep your shoes on.

And Mama will remember to always explain everything to her daughter...absolutely everything...next time!

Note: The photo was taken by Doodle B Photography. You can check them out on FaceBook!

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