Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wee Bounce and bounce and bounce...

On the way to Lily's birthday party, she kept saying, "We don't want to be late." She has been so excited about her first actual party all day long.
Finally, she is able to play on all of the fun things at Wee Bounce. She loves this place!
This time, she is even going down the big slide all by herself. Oh, how things have changed!
She is eager and excited to try everything all by herself!
Here is her cousin, Nathan, having fun at her birthday party, too!
Her friend, Kenli, is having a wonderful time sliding and playing.
There Lily goes again down the big slide all be herself.
I showed her how to climb up to the big slide one time and that was all it took.
Here she is going through the obstacle course to get to the big slide.
I got to put more ponytails in her hair today. I am loving this new stage of Lily where she is enjoying me fixing her hair in different ways.
Here is her friend, Keaira, have fun at Wee Bounce, too.
I can't believe that she is 3 years old!
As usual, someone else really enjoyed their time at the party too!
Lily and Kenli are having fun sliding together!
How cute are they holding hands!
We love Lily's birthday cake with the Pixie Hollow & Disney Fairies theme!
Here Lily is with her friends, Jayci and Kenli. She is getting ready to blow out the candles!
It is sad to say, but remember, we are new to all of this... so guess who never took a picture of all of the children sitting together eating? That's right- US. Oh, well. I suppose there is next year. Thank you so much to all of our friends who brought their children to Lily's party tonight, and a special thank you to Aunt Trina and Aunt Suzette for coming tonight. It meant so much to Lily to have you all there!

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