Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mink March

Every year, we have the Mink March at our school. A couple of years ago, Aunt Trina (who teaches 4th grade with me) decided to have the Chinese Connection as our class's theme for the march. So, we just carried that theme threw again this year since our social studies curriculum covers a lot of diversity.
Lily was thrilled to be our "connection". She carried her flag, pandy, and her hat like a big girl.
She refused to take help from anyone. She did wear her hat a few minutes, but you know how she is with dressing up- so I never thought the hat would last too long.
This was a picture of our boys from the back with the flag. I liked the way they looked- proudly flying our flag.
Lily has certainly changed a lot since Disney World. It is as though she has finally become the social butterfly that we saw at home and with close friends and family. She is very quick to carry on conversations with adults- especially neighbors. I cannot believe she is almost 3 years old!

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