Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Party with Aunt Teena & Aunt Ella

Yay! More "Darbie" Dolls! Lily loves Barbie dolls now, and she plays with them for hours on end.
But, her first passion is still singing. So, Aunt Teena bought her a new microphone with a microphone stand that actually works.
Lily actually asked for a microphone stand for her birthday. So, the above expression is shows how super happy she is that she got something she asked for from Aunt Trina- as though that doesn't always happen.:0)
Yes, of course Lily is a gift herself. We tell her that all of the time!
So, here is the microphone. There has been a lot of singing going on in our house since yesterday.
Aunt Ella got her these cute Tinkerbell sunglasses, along with 10 or so other presents that Lily also loves. These Aunts definitely know how to spoil her!
How cute is this! She is all ready for her big performance at the Dove Awards! :0)One more shot of our Princess with her microphone. She is serious about this singing stuff.

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