Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"More Dance, Baba!"

Lily is a big fan of Dancing with the Stars- we found out the other night! This first video took place at the end of the show with the last dance. Jamie was taping her dancing moves, only to find out that somehow she knew this song. We were cracking up during the taping!

The one thing we heard over and over again throughout the show was "more dance, more dance" every time the commercials would come on. Luckily, we DVR everything now. So, the dancing could take place again quickly for Lily.

Now, you will see the quick head turn at the beginning of the next video. She was copying the dancers! She is so serious when she is trying to dance during the show. However, you notice that Jambalaya caught her attention for a moment at the end of this performance.

By the way, for those of you know that Lily has always freaked out when I want to put her hair in a ponytail- I should have realized that she wanted her hair to be like Abby Cadabby's hair. As soon as we asked her if she wanted hair like Abby's about a week ago, she has been asking for her "Abby hair" every day. I will post some pictures of this new, adorable look tomorrow!

Hope you got a good laugh! Have a great day!

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lillian08 said...

PRECIOUS! Lily made me dizzy in the last video...
BTW, we were "Dancin' With The Stars" too! :o)
His, Jen