Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mama's Spring Break!

Since it is Spring Break for me and my sister, Suzette- our Dad or Lily's Pop- decided to come for a visit. We spent the first day together mulching outside. So, Lily and Suzette got to play and pick flowers in the yard. Lily loves being outside. I just love this picture of the two of them!
We walked into the living room the other night and caught this moment. Lily and Pop are watching the NCAA tournament. They were both totally engrossed in the game while Lily was eating some puffcorn.
Last but not least, we had our 12-month post placement. This is Debbie, our wonderful social worker. Lily adored her, and she did not want her to leave. She loved playing with Debbie at our house, and she walked through the house saying "C'mon, Debbie" with her familiar hand-motion. At first, she called Debbie- "Kitty" which was really funny. But, eventually she got it. I did not think Debbie would ever be able to leave because Lily was not about to let her. But, Debbie was so sweet- she just followed her around and played with her forever. Thank you Debbie for being so sweet and kind to our family. We are glad God brought us together.
We are enjoying this week together! I will be sad when it is over! But, I sure am looking forward to this summer!!!


lillian08 said...

Ain't it great to have wonderful social workers? We loved ours too! Have a wonderful Spring Break and enjoy your Dad's visit!
Miss you,

jocelyn031708 said...

Aren't you glad that our 12 month post placement visits are done? I should have gotten a picture of our social worker with Jocelyn. I hope you had a good spring break and I hope you enjoyed your dads visit.